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To Our Community in Crisis

Our Chapel Mission

Our community is hurting. Our country is hurting. We know that we cannot understand the pain of those who have walked different paths than we have, but we can love all people. Love means we hurt along with those who are hurting. Love means listening, learning, and speaking up for those who are hurting. At Wisconsin Lutheran Chapel and Student Center, our mission is to know Jesus and make him known on campus; to love all people like Jesus loves them. We strive to see everyone by no other qualifier than this: each person is a soul for whom Jesus died. Jesus loves people—all people, every person—to such an extent that he gave up his very life to rescue us from sin and death! Jesus gave us the gift of a perfect life, not here on earth, but in heaven with him.

We believe black lives do matter. Every life is a gift from God and is precious to him and to us. We are praying for justice for the oppressed. We are praying for the safety of our neighbors and the State Street community and businesses. We are praying for those whose response to their frustration has been violence. We are praying that the love of Jesus will touch the hearts and lives of everyone so that together we can love like he does in words and actions.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

To Our Community in Crisis