Wisconsin Lutheran Chapel has been serving the International Community of the University of Wisconsin since 1984. Most of our English as a Second Language programs are taught in the Eagle Heights Community Center and apartments. Meals, activities, American Baking class, Vacation Bible School, Worship services, and holiday celebrations take place at our Chapel building on 220 West Gilman Street, our “home base.”

Resources for You

The International Room at Chapel

Our International Room (next to the library here at the Chapel) contains articles, magazines, books and Bibles in various languages which you are free to use or check out at any time. You are also welcome to attend any events that are listed on our website whether they are at Eagle Heights or at the Chapel.

Entering Chapel

Our beautiful building was completed in 2006 and was designed specifically for you to use. It is clean, spacious, comfortable and secure. We have a state of the art security system to protect everyone who comes here, but that also means that the doors are almost always locked. To gain access, you need to push the entry button and wait for the receptionist to answer the ring. Someone is available to admit you to the building most hours of the day and into the evening. You may also apply for a key card or fob for a one-time maintenance fee of $10, which will allow you freer access during a wider range of hours.


If you have questions about any of our services or programs, contact us or feel free to drop in and learn more about how Wisconsin Lutheran Chapel can become your place.