Weddings at Chapel

Wedding in Chapel's sanctuary
Photo courtesy of Pierre’s Portrait Art Co.

Congratulations and God bless your decision to get married! Weddings at Chapel are worship services. Jesus blesses weddings with his presence. Chapel weddings are available for those seeking to know God in their lives and upcoming marriage and for members of our church fellowship (WELS/ELS).

Prior to your wedding at Chapel we require you to attend worship regularly at the Chapel or at another WELS/ELS church near you, as well as attend pre-marital counseling sessions. If you are not a member of a WELS/ELS church and are interested in being married at Chapel, please contact Pastor Bilitz to learn more about how Jesus can start your marriage out on the best path.

If you would like Pastor Bilitz to conduct your wedding, please contact him to schedule a meeting.

If you have a particular WELS/ELS pastor in mind to conduct your wedding service, please contact the Chapel office to make arrangements.

To find a WELS/ELS pastor in your area, visit the WELS Locator Search web site or contact the Chapel office.

If you have questions or need more information about weddings at Chapel, please contact the Chapel office.

For more details download our Wedding Reservation Request Form (PDF)